Inspired by Minecraft - a very popular game - which has a "creative mode" that inspires other games to create a similar gameplay. The creative liberty given to the player is one of the things that sets this game apart and makes it one of the best selling video games. Minecraft players enjoy flying around, placing unlimited blocks down, and creating sprawling cities and castles.
VRtown enables people to do the same. It is about land management and multi-world inside the metaverse. It includes a 3D world in which player can create plots of land in the world that currently exists by using narratives or create a world with multiple plots of land.
VRtown is made up of plots of land (Land), each consisting of 4096 parcels of land (Plots). A "World" is built on one or more parcels of Land. Worlds are displayed side by side and the player can freely walk from one World to another. Each World contains its own content, items from one World cannot be carried over to another World.
Last modified 1yr ago