Bringing NFT Items & NFT Projects Into VRtown

• Coming to VRtown, we encourage other NFT projects to build their metaverse on the VRtown platform.
• We have built core technologies for our platform to serve projects that want to connect and expand the world with VRtown.
• When building a World on VRtown, you can directly integrate the layer-2 blockchain to verify whether participating users hold the NFT of a particular project. Our system will automatically check the verified wallets of those users under the backend system to determine which projects they are holding the NFT of, how much, and give out pre-set privileges/limitations
• You can specify access rights, privileges, display content, and more in real time in your world. Currently, only NFTs on Ethereum are supported.

Bringing NFT Metaverse Collections and Projects to VRtown

• There is a quite number of NFT projects building their metaverse on VRtown that create interesting models for their community. It is expected that within 3 months after the game release, there will be approximately more than 100 different projects will be built on VRtown. There are about 100 other projects that have yet publicly announce their joining in VRtown but have already reached out to our team.
• You can view a list of projects that have publicly announced that they are building on VRtown here. There are many other unannounced constructions that are now also under construction
• Some of these projects have created new economic models for their World in VRtown to giving project tokens as the reward to their NFT holders, while in turn growing their metaverse ecosystem.
Example 1: There are a lot of current projects aim to create large metaverses with attractive P2E mechanics. AXIE INFINITY is an example. All the AXIEs that have been born can be integrated into the world of VRtown to continue the new Play-to-earn mechanics that are more diversify, more engaging, more intuitive, and more enjoyable for players. As a result, NFT's "utilities" are increased and the project's value grows.
• These projects also have a mechanism for users to spend tokens to get items, upgrade items, get perks and many other things related to that metaverse. They can then build an NFT project on VRtown's Land Plot to attract users living in VRtown into their game/world experience. Project owners will earn income from player's spending and redistribute it to NFT holders of the project.
• This creates an incentive structure where the NFT holders of a project want to willingly assist to develop the metaverse of that project and attract more players into that world.
Example 2: Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs can be integrated and become the avatar (Avatar) of NFT owners in VRtown. These Avatars can perfect their own animation and create more experiences and application features for NFT. This also contributes to promoting community development, connecting the holders of Bored Apes with other users. Moreover, Bored Apes Club project owners can create their own "Ape World" within VRtown Land Plots and set up special privileges, access rights, and identifiers for the Bored Apes holders of the project.
• Metaverse development opens up more opportunities to bring more game modes and engaging diverse experiential content, and to expand community of the NFT project.
• The growth of any individual Metaverse community in VRtown is the contribution for the good of VRtown ecosystem. This world is essentially the connection of all ecosystems, in which economic infrastructure is shared among others. That also helps to reduce inflationary pressure.
• We are looking forward to seeing innovative incentive structures that NFT projects bring on VRtown in the future.
• More than 100 existing NFT communities and projects have begun building full-scale rehearsals for their foundations in the VRtown world. There are thousands of member from these communities and projects are willing to join and play together in their respective World in VRtown. We hope this brings a sizable initial player base into the interconnected VRtown super universe.
• We consider VRtown to be the first super-universe because it consists of each Land that acts as a fully customized, fully functional metaverse of its own with no restrictions on size. In addition, Worlds are fully programmable - almost anything can be created in a World from full-scale MMORPGs to event venues and more.
• Most importantly, all of the Worlds are interconnected through portals (Portals), creating a network where all functions are linked together for users to experience across the world.
• We are doing our best endeavor to draw projects' attention to join our ecosystem to provide the community with a full-scale metaverse that is both connected, creative, and entertaining, where player can monetize with their own work.
• You can view projects and communities that have publicly announced that they are building on VRtown here: xxx
Is your community eager to build a new metaverse on VRtown? Do not hesitate to contact us for more details! xxx