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Getting Started with Builder

Builder is a simple visual builder that allows you to create and publish “Worlds” within VRtown.
Builder is an online, browser-based tool. You don't need to install anything, just go to https://builder.vrtown.io

"World” size

• “World” is an experience built on the Land Plot in VRtown. A World can occupy one or several adjacent land parcel. Each parcel of land has dimensions of 32 x 32 m. • To build something on the Land Plots you own, make sure the shape of the World is appropriate and matching with the shape of the place you want to deploy. • You can edit the size of an existing World by clicking the "pencil" icon, then change the number or row/ column.

Set the Ground

• The ground of a World can be in various surface textures. You can find different options for the surface in the Menu - asset Item. • To select a surface, simply click on the desired texture in the asset menu, it will replace all floor surfaces in the field, no matter how many lots there are in the field.

Add 3D assets

• You can choose from various 3D assets and items listed in the Menu to build on the ground of the World. It is an extremely diverse list of items!

To position a 3D asset

• Click and drag the asset to a specific location in the World. Click on the asset in the menu, it will appear in a random location in the World.

Location of Assets

• Click and drag a selected asset to move it freely around the World ground. • To move an asset with more precision, use the Move tool in the top menu. Each arrow allows you to move the asset along a single axis at a time. With this tool, you can also position things on the ground. • To rotate an asset, select the Rotate tool on the top menu. A gizmo appears on the selected asset and you can use each ring to rotate the asset on one axis at a time. • To zoom-in or zoom-out an asset, select the scaled asset on the top menu, then click in the center of the gizmo and drag in or out. This tool also allows you to stretch an asset along a single axis to change its scale. In order to do it, click on one of the gizmo's axes and drag it.
Tip: For more precision when moving, rotating, or scaling an asset, press and hold the Shift key while making adjustments.
• To remove an asset from the World, select it and click the Delete tool. • To duplicate an asset, select the asset and click the Copy tool. The new asset will overlap the original. • To select multiple assets at once, press and hold the Control key while selecting them. You can then move, rotate, scale, copy or delete them all in the same operation.

Boundaries and limits of a World

• All assets need to be within the Plots that World is built. If something extends beyond the Plots, that will overlap with the neighboring World, which is not allowed. • If an asset extends outside of the Plots, it will be highlighted in red. Builder will not allow you to publish World until this is fixed. • Note that the 3D models have bounding boxes surrounding them. Sometimes, even though the model's actual visible shape is inside the World, the corners of this box still extend out of bounds. This case is also considered out of bounds and needs to be fixed in order to be able to “Publish”. • If you have imported a custom 3D model that has bounding boxes that extend beyond the main model, you should edit the model to make sure the bounding boxes expand as little as possible. • To keep the World in low size file, you are limited to the maximum number of textures, polygons, etc.


• To test your World and experience it as a player, click the eye icon in the upper right corner. This will open a World preview, where you can move around the World and interact with interactable assets. • To exit the preview and return to World editing, press the 'Esc' key to release the cursor, then click the X icon in the top right.

Name the World

• Click the “pencil” icon to provide an optional name and description for the World. • This name is visible to players exploring your World, which appears just below the mini map. Make sure your World has a catchy name and provides the reader with useful information.

Publish your World

• After you are satisfied with this World, press "Publish". • Select the World group to make your World available to land owners who may wish to publish it on their Plots. • Choose My Land if you own the land or have been granted development rights by its owner. Then select the Plots where you want it deployed on the map. The Plots that you are allowed to deploy are shown in pink.
Tip: Use the rotate arrows in the top left to rotate your World so that its shape fits the available Plots or to make sure its front face is facing the right direction.
• Once your World is published, you can continue to make changes to it and then press Update to publish with latest amendment.