Smart Items

Smart Items are Builder items that come with their built-in animation behavior.
They often have manifest that can be configured, like the text field in the post. They can also trigger actions on other items, for example: a smart item with a call button can call another to open the door for it.
It is quite easy to distinguish a Smart items in the catalog as its preview image has a purple background and a star icon.

Configure Smart Items

• To edit the configuration of a Smart Item, click on the Item in your World and the details will open on the right - showing all the editable fields for the configuration. • Different Smart Items have different manifests that can be custom configured, depending on what is appropriate for each manifest.

Call an action on another item

• Multiple smart items can be used to trigger the actions of other smart items. For example, a smart item has a button with the field “When clicked”. In this field, you can add an action from another item, for example, “Open door action”. • Trigger multiple actions in a single field by clicking the “+” sign, you can add multiple triggered actions together. • Delete an action by clicking the three dots next to World action and selecting "Delete" to delete the action. • You can also add “Action after activated” on the same smart item that is performing the activation task.