Building tools

• Users can build their own “World” on the Land Plot in VRtown. A World can occupy one or several adjacent parcel of land. Each parcel has dimensions of 32 x 32 m.
• To build something on the Land Plots that you own, make sure the shape of the World is appropriate and has a certain amount of overlap with the shape of the place you want to deploy.
• Note: Currently, the builder can only create World in rectangular shape. To create an irregularly shaped World you should use the SDK.

There are two tools you can use to create interactive VRtown Worlds

Builder: a “drag and drop” editing tool. Extremely simple to use. No coding required, everything is intuitive and there are many default assets available for you to select.
SDK: write your own code to create your own World. This gives you greater freedom and greater control over your World. Builders can use VRtown SDK which can write all the source code needed to create Worlds in a extremely fast way.
• Users can start by creating a world with the Builder function first, and then export the world to continue refining with the SDK.
• Note: If a World has been created or modified by the SDK, you will not be able to import the World into the Builder. You can only go through the process from Builder to SDK, not backwards.