Building games

• VRtown is a game engine that allows you to build any kind of game you can imagine. It's perfect for indie developers, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to create their own games.
• With VRtown, you can build any kind of game mode or experience, including racing games, first-person shooters, multiplayer RPGs, battle royal games, and many more others.
• If you want to build your own world, visit: [Link]
• If you want to work with a verified professional World Builder (Verified Builder) - who can build fully customized environments, fully customized game modes, have exellent experiences in play-to-earn, and can assist you to launch your World, you can visit our VRtown Builder Marketplace server on Discord.
• All users acting as Verified Builders in VRtown are very experienced with the Minecraft & VRtown ecosystem
• Almost of our Verified Builders are former or current professional content partners of Minecraft Marketplace and most important partners of VRtown. Our Builder marketplace currently features dozens of the world's top construction teams.
• One of the keys to success in VRtown is being an active player and contributing to your world. No players, no world. If you have any idea for a game mode for a completely unique experience, share it with your friends on the server and work with other players!
• You can see examples of other projects building experiences on VRtown here: Link