Land leasing

• For those who own Land in VRtown but do not want to build their own world, they can choose the option of leasing their land to earn passive income.
• Fixed-term land leasing contract is written in smart-contract powered by Ethereum Blockchain network.
• With Smart-contract technology, you can rest assured that all terms of the contract cannot be broken, changed, reversed, which ensuring the safety of both land lessees and lessors.
• Land lessors has full management rights of Land Spot, except for the right to buy/sell Land Plot on Marketplace or transfer OTC
• Land lessors have rights to: - Build World on Land Spot - Manage interactions in the World: chat, chat all, mute, mute all, unmute, ban, private chat, open threads, topic discussion, open voice channel, etc. - Create or integrate games on Land Spot - Establish a business system on Land Spot - Authorize another person as admin/moderator/supervisor with less management rights