Land Plot

• Land Plot are available in different sizes: o Free = 32 x 32 o Mini = 64 x 64 o Small = 128 x 128 o Medium = 256 x 256 o Large = 512 x 512 o Extra Large = 1024 x 1024 o XXL = 2048 x 2048
• Land Plot can be merged/split.
• Each Land Plot is a unique, separate, non-false NFT that stores all properties/information of the NFT on a smart-contract running on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
• Everything starts with 1 Land Plot.
• Owning a Land Plot NFT gives you a basic Plot to start building your World.
• More importantly, it gives you access to all of our infrastructure, from blockchain, VRtown ecosystem to necessary building materials and decorations.
• Land Plot owners are supported in promoting their community by linking with existing communities,... making it easier to create a thriving metaverse.

What can I do with a PLOT

• Build constructions (house, resort, building, etc.)
• Control Interaction authority in PLOT: - Chat, chat all, mute, mute all, unmute, ban, private chat, open threads, topic discussion, open voice channel, whitelist, add stickers, attach file/music/video... - Delegate authority to someone else with less authority
• Build a GAME on PLOT - Build a game, integrate the game on PLOT - Portal to other games to play-to-earn
• Develop business projects - Hanging banners Ads, teasers/advertising trailers - Show movies - Sell ​​outlet products and redeem them in the real world
• Land for lease - Land be be leased with term base on a smart contract - Leaser still build houses and works in a renting land, but when it the leasing contract expires, the works will belong to the Land owner - Users have full rights to mute/ban/whitelist during the rental period - User can build games/businesses on the leasing Land.