VRtown depicts the world in the 25th century when mankind evolves to an extreme level. However, along with this magnificent development, the population is constantly increasing, Earth’s resources are used up, millions of species are extinct, and social class distinctions are becoming much deepen. When humanity is on the brink of breaking out into an irreversible war, a group of the most outstanding scientists has secretly created a new universe that is entirely built on the foundation of information technology that makes the most out of machinery to serve people’s needs. They desire to re-establish a peaceful world where fair opportunities are given to all.
The VRtown Universe was born like a hurricane, and at the same time brought humanity into a time loop to go back in time, but with all the data and extremely advanced machines of the future. In other words, VRtown has pressed a reset button for our current universe.
In the universe of VRtown, mystical creatures are reborn with a completely different appearance, countries are formed anew, and the historical wars that made Earth today are re-occurred following the given chronological order. What happens when these things and events are taken place in the server’s timeline, but in a world that is not at all ancient but is washed by the latest advanced technology and machinery?
VRtown includes both magic and youkai, guns, and artificial intelligence. So, what VRtown’s citizens should do to adapt to the brand-new environment and change their fate?
Will things still be the same as we already know? Let’s explore VRtown — a parallel Universe! …into the VRtown!