SPAWN — The Party of sight

Professor M’ has a special affection for certain cities. During his time travels, he visited Shanghai when women wore cheongsam, Tokyo when there were giant Gundam models and animated exhibitions of 2D character series — “What a pity! If those characters could actually walk in front of our eyes and interact using artificial intelligence, that would be a lot more fun. What if that Gundam wasn’t just a model and it can play the role of a public transport vehicle hovering in the sky, for instance? I have tons of ideas and amazing things to do in every city I love! Los Angeles, Saigon — the pearl of Indochina?
And this is the premise for him to create Spawns in VRtown. “A little spice to show how rich my world is!”
VRtown is still our parallel universe, even though it exists in the 5th Dimension and is a metaverse — it will still have features that reveal the “parallel” of its original. To make it more simple, when you visit the VRtown, you’ll still see countries with demarcated territories, cities you know are still there — they’re just so much more powerful. Because if it is not differentiated from the current world of the 25th century — what will be the appeal of VRtown?
Spawn — The feast of sight
Professor M’ has entertained humanity by building secret scenes composed of countless materials — just like him. Who would have imagined that he actually gifted VRtown’s Tokyo an “ant nest” capsule giant under the ground — the famous transportation system now be in the form of a steel centipede! And that’s just a very little example of Spawn! With cities and landmarks exaggerated and “modified” by the development team, many people have chosen to live in places they have never been to, just to be able to learn all about the secret scenes, with their history and innovation.
“See each Spawn the way I see every place in the perfect future, build your own works — inside, beside, in front of, behind, or under VRTown’s Spawn and find the endless surprise!”