Saigon in VRtown


In reality, Dragon Wharf is a place associated with the historical period of Saigon, Vietnam. But in VRtown, this secret scene is added with many details to form and make this "Dragon House" more interesting. On the inauguration day of Dragon Wharf, a flock of water dragons arrived here to nest, creating an unforgettable and monumental scene. VRtown players captured in their virtual memories - in the twilight sky with the glowing rainbow stretching from the endless horizon to the harbor, hundreds of dragons of all sizes were circling one after another. Their eyes are emerald green, their wings are long and spiky. Waves were surging in their presence. The dragons landed in the harbor, giving birth to hexagonal dragon eggs. Since then, this place is also known as the Water Dragon's Nest.
During the day, these water dragons transform into different-sized motorboats, which are used for carrying passengers across the river, fishing, or exploring the deep water. When the sun goes down, the dragons reshape into glittering silver titanium-made dragons, stacking on top of each other to form a unique Harbor, shining in countless nightly events. Dragon Wharf is a busy commercial port by Bach Dang River, full of brilliant lights, gusts of winds, and bustling trading activities


"If the Metaverse existed hundreds of years ago, regrettable love stories like Romeo & Juliet would have never happened. Love letters would have been delivered to where they need to be, goodbye words would have been sent to those who need to hear." - Professor M' made such an emotional statement. He was determined to build the Saigon City Post Office in VRtown as a "Temple of Unspoken Words".
Central Post Office Spawn was built as a great information archive. Inspired by what humanity had forgotten in the past: from the era of handwritten letters to emails, from the original forms of messenger or video calls. Central Post allows people to look back at the development milestone - the foundation of complete interactivity in VRtown. In other words, this place is not only a secret scene but also a museum in our subconscious.
While in Saigon, people are impressed by Central Post Office Spawn's outstanding architecture, in VRtown, they are captivated by its poetic and nostalgic surroundings. To be able to make this spawn, Professor M' and his colleagues have collected information from both social networks that claimed to be "dead" before, making room for people to admire the things that once dominated the Internet like MySpace, Yahoo! Blog 360, LiveJournal, or Facebook, etc.
Therefore, the living art space around the Central Post Office is blooming. Thousands of people come here to get immersed in the values ​​of literature and poetry, to look for and connect to others with the same souls.
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