Vietnam in VRtown

Vietnam in VRtown
As a person with extensive knowledge of the world history, as well as a lover of ancient myths, Professor M’ has created an impressive Vietnam in VRtown. He not only brought the quintessence of the beautiful S-shaped land but also make it even more charming, lively and rich in culture, making everyone recall the stories that are only able to be pictured in our imagination.
The sky in Vietnam is so high that it has a brilliant blue color. There is one particular thing that conducts strong emotions — the long steel birds, with long beaks, and big camera eyes — stretching their wings to fly in the sky. Their shape is almost identical to the drawing found in history books, not like the usual feathered birds. It must say that those are perfect machines! As big as an airplane, they can carry people and are even smart enough to fight. They are the embodiment of Chim Lac, the bird associated with the beginning of Vietnam. Every day they fly in the flocks from the North to the South Pole. Originally a very symbolic bird of Vietnam, carrying the mission and dream of conquering the sky and overcoming all storms of the ancient time — now they everyday fly over Vietnam sky in VRtown, making them truly admirable.
One feature that can't help being praised in VRTown is that it allows users to relive history as a quest! The “History of Origin” part is being loved by many people as its battles and images are inspired by ancient nature, but are extremely modern and mixed with unexpected details.
Vietnamese history in VRtown was conceived from the first days when the ancient Vietnamese first stepped on this fertile land in the real world. In order to really feel the heroic and mythical history, the first player to join the quest of “Vietnamese history” needs to go through all 3 parts like a true ancestor!
First, Part 1 of the Vietnam History of Origin — users need to find a good piece of land to build their first tribe, this place must be big enough for them to grow crops, live, and stay away from the sight of ferocious beasts. Don’t forget that these beasts are all enhanced, have artificial intelligence, and are equipped with countless high-resolution camera eyes that are easy to detect their target prey from a far distance. The player’s task is to both ensure the development of the tribe and fight the monster robots, but instead of using spears or stone axes, the player will use upgraded modern weapons like guns and laser swords — just directly aim at the right spot of the monster robot to score points and win.
In Part 2, the most important task is to win the match against Ngu Tinh, Ho Tinh, and Jupiter. These 3 monsters are all located in the northern region of Vietnam. They are also 3 monsters that have made a great contribution to the original “Dragon and Fairy” legend. Ngu Tinh is a monster who harassed the good people and was destroyed by Lac Long Quan, ended up turning into countless famous places in Vietnam; Ho Tinh was originally a powerful nine-tailed fox in Long Bien, after being defeated, he fell down and turned into Ho Xac Cao (now called West Lake); Jupiter is a ferocious monster that lurks in the forests and kills countless numbers. Based on these legendary creatures, Origin History has brought them back to VRtown with a whole new look for the people to applaud. Ngu Tinh has the shape of a giant submarine. At the right time of the day, it will automatically create large whirlpools, if not stopped in time, will break the dike and damage the ships. But the surrounding lands where Ngu Tinh lives are extremely rich and beautiful, if these places can be built as landscapes or even high-class resorts, they cannot be skippable!
Ho Tinh is a monster robot with a beautiful looking, during the day is a female robot that can read and understand human emotional expressions and quickly forecast hypothetical situations that its opponent got the intention to bring it down. But also thanks to Ho Tinh, where it lives has become a bustling entertainment center, lively regardless of day and night — driving many people ambitious to own this area.
Unlike the legendary Jupiter, Jupiter in VRtown Vietnam is a server capable of connecting with countless other machines, embodying the trunks of trees across the country to collect information and networks. Its knowledge network is extremely large — with the amount of information it has, it can make its owner a king.
As all of the above, winning these three monster robots is not an easy mission.
Part 3 of the Origin History is the successful incubation of 100 eggs from “Sack Au Co”. Legend has it that this is the origin of the Vietnamese peoples — the ancient Vietnamese were “Children of the Dragon and Fary”. After glorious feats, Lac Long Quan — the Dragon King of Lac — married Au Co — an immortal mountain fairy. She gave birth to a sack containing 100 eggs from which 100 children were born with equal talent. When they reached adulthood, 50 children followed their Mother to the mountains and created the reign of the Hung Kings, while the rest 50 with their Father went back to the sea. From this legend, the original quest was created that after finding Au Co (for male players)/ Lac Long Quan (for female players), players have to successfully raise “Sack Au Co”. The very interesting point is that players’ decisions, efforts, and choices of elements, components, and chips will fully define who these 100 eggs will become. This allows everyone to experience the history, and re-build history according to their wishes, fight to protect it, and make it perfect in their own way.
The three parts of History of Origin have given players sublimated emotions on a Vietnam in VRtown with ancient creatures, re-creating this country in antique time but with future colors — absolutely beyond our imagination.