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The birth of VRtown

Professor M’ and his team have successfully created a brand-new universe, built entirely on high information technology, facilitated by the use of advanced machines, wishing to re-establish a peaceful world in which opportunities are fairly given to all. At 00:00 on 30 Apr 2325, a message was delivered to everyone:
“Are you willing to enter the VRtown?”
And it was a historic moment. Everyone who agreed to log-in VRtown is able to witness with their own eyes an Infinite Universe that looks exactly like what humanity before stubbornly asserted as “impossible”. Breaking all the laws of time and space, VRtown emerges in the 5th dimension, gorgeous and inviting. According to the data received from the first inhabitants, VRtown is exactly a future world that humanity has been waiting for, expecting, and imagining since the 1990s. That message then was widely shared and couraged millions of people to join VRtown:
The message:
After just a blink, it feels like I am standing in a place that looks like Myeongdong of Seoul, Korea — with my girlfriend by my side. Wait, my girlfriend?! She should be hours of flight far away from me, but right now she is next to me and looking at me with her sparkling eyes.
Did you also log in VRtown? — It is my girl’s angelic voice, it is definitely not a dream!
I raised my hand towards her and even felt her small hand.
We’ve always wanted to travel Seoul together, but this place is even better than we expected!
I looked to the right, and was amazed to find that I could even see far, far beyond the limits of a human! I can even see Tokyo, Shanghai and Saigon. When I choose to zoom in, I can see all of those cities, clearly and detailedly. What’s happening right now, which building has just grand-opened, who’s trading that flying car, I can see them all.
Then turn my head to the left, a bunch of young people are enthusiastically building beautiful structures, all wearing cutting-edge suits, with lots of buttons to connect to their tech devices; and besides accompanying smart machines, some people even choose to visualize their mobile phones as a cat!
This world really overwhelms me and makes me feel terribly curious!
Suddenly, something flashed over my head, and when I looked up, I was even more amazed.
This is not a world. This is a space, a universe completely within my grasp and sight.
There is colorful with trendy purple lights skyscrapers above my head, and go higher, I saw some creatures that I could only think of in my childhood dreams. A fully armored red-eyed dragon leisurely flew overhead, followed by countless tiny mechanical birds. When I look higher, I could see the galaxy full of stars, could clearly see the Mercury, the Venus, the Sun, even the red sparks burning on the Sun… and oh, aren't those little walking around dots citizens from another planet?!
I try to calm myself, close my eyes and hold back the hustle in my heart. If all were limitless, what would I most like to see right now?
A deafening explosion! Startled, I turned around and found myself in the middle of a fiery battle! Isn’t that Alexander the Great?! And he is not riding a single horse, he is riding on a huge motor, armed with guns on both sides and rushing towards the enemy!
This is not a memory, this is actually happening right here, surrounding me — at the same time with those magnificent cities, dragons and aliens up there!”
At that moment, the image of Professor M’ appeared on all the screens in VRtown, he smiled happily and said:
“Welcome all of you, the very first residents of VRtown!
We have succeeded in creating a Universe in the 5th dimension, where you can connect and meet any people who are thousands of miles far away from you. You can also rebuild your own life and destiny in an unlimited way.
As you can see, from where you stand, you can see what is happening in the past, future, and present at the same time. Why is this important? Because it is our past and our choices that have brought humanity to where it is today, and VRtown will not repeat those mistakes.
To ensure that the VRtown will be fully utilized for people to live a meaningful life, we have put the VRtown in a time loop, but with all the data and innovative machines of the future. In other words, VRtown has pressed a reset button for our current universe. That’s why you can reach out to touch the sky, or even build such beautiful art structures — because, in VRtown, your creativity will always be granted and praised! Why do our dragons or mystical creatures have iron skins, and laser eyes, and war is still raging somewhere? That is the gift of VRtown, past — present — future, all added together!
May all of you, citizens of VRtown, be able to live the fullest and once again find endless inspiration for this life! Let’s once again build the perfect world!”
After Professor M’’s heroic greeting, cheers of excitement rapidly spread out, and everyone quickly made their way to enter and explore VRtown and all the wonderful features this universe offers. The secret scenes are gradually revealed, satisfying the user’s senses to the maximum, and surprising people with many questions: “Is VRtown really created by a man? Or is there an invisible hand from some other artificial intelligence that has intervened in this magical multicolored world?”
VRtown is not only just a place, but as the concept of “Paradise”, it’s also a range of emotions, a world that exists in everyone’s mind. And what makes it so special is that these worlds existing only in individuals’ minds have a portal — an interconnected path that allows us to see the world of another. In that world we have nothing to hide; every truth, every form, and every emotion is disclosed in the most authentic way. A world in which your inner artist, painter, singer, or actor is completely liberated.
The streets in VRtown are filled with a shiny metallic luster, each step people walk through emerges with different eye-catching colors. Each foliage is tenderly soft and covered with delicate, modern, and youthful colors. It was the very first time that roses are seen in silver-blue, vividly and beautifully. It is also the first time children can witness with their own eyes a herd of Apatosaurus dinosaurs stretching their long necks, blatantly walking through the massive boulevards. The trams seem freely fly fast in the air, but turned out they are following the invisible lanes that were properly distributed. The once-disappeared Wonders are brought back to VRtown, magnificence shining and enhanced to a new level. Street artists decorate the space with countless creative items such as steel totems — black deer equipped with sparks, and clay amulets — now evolved into metal floating around. And it doesn’t stop there! Dubbed as a complete and unlimited Parallel Universe, every city and landscape on Earth is brought to VRtown. The sooner people enter this world, the sooner people will have the opportunity to create.
Professor M’ and his colleagues explained that users can create whatever they think of to best suit their life purpose and passion, whether it is buildings, parks, factories, magical creatures,… or even games according to that person’s own rules. You can create your own battle game, or you can hide your treasures somewhere, and invite new friends to experience your world. When, and only if, human beings can wholeheartedly connect and live within the expectations and standards of others — we are truly 100% connected.