The tale of VRtown

“Welcome back to VRtown”
Professor M’ is known as a genius of the 25th century — a time traveler mastering quantum physics — who has absolute belief in the 5th dimension. He once made an extreme judgment to the whole scientific community: “Here we are already in the 25th Century but humanity has not yet reached the perfection of the 5th Dimension — it is such a humiliating failure!”
After the subject scandal, Professor M’ completely disappeared without a trace. He claims to have discovered a universe that exists in the 5th dimension. As he describes, it will be a universe with physics features that go beyond all we have known, a universe that exists based on the energy and mind of each individual. Destroying all barriers of time, space, and geography, … it is a place where mankind can experience an “unlimited” life, any desire is possible, and anything we can imagine can be realized. “Limit is no limit” — said Professor M’.
That idea was laughed at by many academic folks when it was first proposed by Professor M’ since they think it is way too ambitious for man. The 5th dimension exists in countless theories and is what many people pursue, but it’s totally another story to truly create a universe in which the past-present-future co-exist, aspiration-action-result co-occur, and every individual is able to connect to others wherever and whenever they are.
Professor M’ has always been a hot topic for other professors and doctors. He is an eccentric person, who always engages in crazed experiments that he even has to pay the price with his own body. Those who ever meet Professor M’ for the first time all have the feeling that he is quite not an ordinary man. After countless attempts to distort space and time travel, Professor M’ has lost a total of both two arms, a right leg, and one eye. But he thinks that such losses have opened the door for him to merge with smart devices that incorporate artificial intelligence, and he does not hesitate to flaunt his mechanical iron arm on the street, as well as use his computer eye to scan all the information about the other person on the first meet — which always makes others feel uncomfortable. As for his robotic legs, it was reinforced to support his space jumps, making them stronger and more stable when landing. He believes that with all this assistance, his life is even getting more convenient than before. A lot of people disagreed with him though they couldn’t help admitting that the world at that time was inseparable from technology and the internet. But for Professor M’, these are not enough. He said that people are still held back by so many things, from the ideas of ordinary life to the laws of physics, all of which make everything trivial!
“Considering that there are only a very few of us dare to merge our bodies with machines when cyborg dreams were idealized since the 1990s — that is a terrible setback!” — said Professor M’ at a press conference. “The art world including literature and cinema has come a long way. Since the 2000s, we have drawn literary works about the rise of artificial intelligence, electric cars flying around towns, underground cities in capsule form, or about sending humans to Mars and starting a new expedition! I am extremely impressed with the movies in which robots can even develop emotional quotient, or people can build limitless dreams from the raw materials of their lives as in Inception, or can reach 100% of brain capacity like Lucy? Are all of these things still just the ambition of the imagination? Scientific progress is not keeping up with the advancement of art? I need to create a sustainable universe that is the means to build the foundation for all of the above because that is the only way for the future of humanity! We are standing at the edge of the apocalypse!”
When his speech was spread-out, people were whispering non-stop. Some agree, others think that Professor M’ is mad. But the majority agreed that, if there really is such a place, they would commit to trying the experience.
“On the 5th dimension, you will see that I am the future, and you are just those who fear the boring rules of life!”
Professor M’ says he has successfully time-jumped, and what he sees in the future is so bleak that he is determined to create “an escape route for humanity”.
Why is Professor M’ madly yearning for such a world?
It has been 300 years since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the world has turned in a different direction, to a point that none of us ever expected. After tremendous damage, persistent wars, and extremely limited living space, people have a completely different view of the metaverse. During its infant time, when the first creators raced to create the metaverse, many were condemned as deceptive, unreal, and insane. But as an inevitable flow of life, the metaverse gradually asserts its position and rapidly puts into the application; and people become more open to accepting it. However, to fully achieve what is expected is still a long and tiring road. Countless metaverses were born with the purpose of allowing people to connect closer, to see what was lost, and to have the opportunity to do it again — but none of them has reached the perfection of the above proposition. Many projects were founded and fell, and people still have to live with caution when accessing any virtual universe. It seems that we have evolved to the fullest possible, have hit an invisible ceiling, and instead of breaking through these barriers, humans are crammed into a narrow world, competing with each other for the very little remaining resources, ready to shoot at any time; the war of class distinction is over, there is no longer a chance to reverse the tide for those born late. In other words, the beautiful universe that we once knew and wished to explore has entered a period of exhaustion, leaving no room for creativity and a vigorous proliferating source of life.
“I’m desperate with wariness”
All the beautiful things are now only reserved in memory. We are continually losing sight of the Wonders of the World, the spiritual values, the rich cultures, and the things that make up our people's relationships. The real world is getting darker and darker. On the eve of the World War 5 outbreak, an upheaval changed the circumstance of the world.