Map planning

• VRtown aims to “Reinvent” the real world into the VRtown world
• Countries that are planed to prioritize construction in phase 1: - Vietnam - Thailand - Japan - Philippines - British - France - America
• VRtown will rebuild features in major cities in different countries to give users the most intuitive and intuitive experience.
• Spawn Hub 1 is built according to the following planning: Below is the VRtown planning map in phase 1
VRtown Grid Map each square is 2048x2048 m2 in size, white lines = roads 1 plot = 1 DCL parcel
  • Notes: spawn, usually 512x512 meters in size, can be expanded to 2048 x 2048 if needed player plots area, each plot is 32m x 32m in size, estimated total is 196608 plots Cities that are made by the game, representing notable builds of each city around the world