Moving between Cities

• From the Hub, the player can see 24 magic doors (Portal) lined up in 8 directions around the hub to jump into neighboring cities
• From a world of any player, the border of that world will be the start of another world depending on the coordinates. There will be big real numbers displayed in the sky at the border of that world so they know the nearby location
• The size of the worlds does not matter, the doors (Portal) will still be divided like that with the same door size
• In your own world - From anywhere, the player can press the designed button on the screen to jump into their own world. - Their own world is completely independent from the Hub. - If a player wants to name their world without the wallet address extension (eg: #1234), they have to pay a certain amount for your desired name (eg: 0.001 ETH). - Players can map their own domain to the world for free for the first time, and will be charged for each domain name change/addition after that.
• Teleport: - Quick move to main cities - Teleport by coordinates - Teleport to friends - Teleport to an advertising spot mounted somewhere else.