User's perspective in VRtown

• Dimensions of the character (Avatar): - The height and size of the character in VRtown will have a 1:1 ratio like in the real world. - In comparison with the surrounding scenery, people will have a larger/smaller size in accordance with the real world scale. That makes it feel like you are living on the boundary between the real and virtual world, creating realism for users.
• Walking View: Users can walk, run, jump, rotate 360 ​​degrees in VRtown.
• Fly perspective (Fly): - Users can fly in the Metaverse to view the entire world from the top. - If the player logs in 3 days in a row at least once a day, they will be able to fly "Flash" around the map every 3 days after that. - That will increase interaction and encourage new players to join more than 1 day to get more familiar with VRtown world.