The value VRtown brings to the Community
  • Do you think the virtual world will make people separated or make people get more connected? "Technology has been rapidly growing with the born of dozens of social networking platforms, people are immersed in the virtual world and the lifestyle of "bowing their heads to the screen" that makes people become more and more distancing. That's how the majority of the population thinks about the fictional world - the unreal world, about what advanced technology is trying to create and develop. But contrary to those stereotypes, the development of technology marks the great progress of mankind, with the ultimate desire not to break the bond of humanity but to bring people closer together.
  • The world of VRtown is a place to connect, share emotions and enhance human creativity How to meet someone in a faraway place, how to express emotions when you can't see your face? Social networks have helped people fulfill those thoughts and aspirations, but the world available through current social networks is just like a flat world. People are still limited by the screen layer while their wishes and ambitions are unlimited: How can we truly meet each other even if we are thousands of miles away? It is believed that the Metaverse is constantly evolving to gradually fulfill that mission, to create another "universe" that is "more comprehensive". And as the concern of mankind, VRtown was born to narrow the endless geographical space into the surreal world, bringing people together despite the spatial distance and harsh reality, soothing the spiritual world of people, giving wings to dreams that seem to be just fantasies, and inspiring people's inspiration and creativity with countless vivid features.
  • Build things in your own imagination God has given mankind superior intelligence and the ability to create new things so that human civilization can continuously progress. The real world, though large, is limited to 510,100,000 km², unable to satisfy the dreams and endless creativity of mankind. VRtown was born as a parallel world, accompanying people to portray those endless ideas. In the world of VRtown, people can freely build the buildings, cities, and scenes they always desire and own them as an asset, a masterpiece, a brainchild that they build by themselve.
  • Connecting & Sharing People are often divided by geographical space, by years of studying abroad, by long business trips,... or by a tough situation like the Covid-19 pandemic. The video call feature was born as a salvation for the distance, but VRtown creates a more complete universe where people can meet and interact like in real life, a perfect virtual world to see, connect and share emotions.
  • Going beyond human limits Literature, cinema in particular, and art in general, are responsible for creating the spiritual world of people, which is the inclusion of seemingly illusory dreams, but it also serves as a premise for the development of scientific technology in order to make those fantasies come true. VRtown is also an art world in which people have unlimited power, and are able to experience all the abilities that are supposed to only exist in literature and cinema. People can fly or teleport like the heroes, gods, or aliens we only see in movies or books.
  • Recreate the real world with real cities The virtual world was created not to pull people away from reality, but to satisfy intense creativity and connect people closer together despite the long and wide space of reality. The reason that VRtown is like a real-world parallel to Earth is because of its ability to recreate real scenes and real cities in the virtual universe. Mollyverse is not only a product of technology, it is actually a product of art and of the real world, where people meet in familiar cities or cozy homes regardless of physical location.
  • Freedom VRtown can be seen as a complete universe parallel to the Earth - where humans live but with more limitless power. It is a world that gives people the freedom to connect and share without any physical barriers. It is a world where people feel free to create. It is again the world of supernatural powers that people freely experience. It is a world of freedom to visit, to go anywhere you want, to cross all kinds of obstacles to experience and see the world without fear of constraints. It is a friendly and tolerant world, where people cannot kill and control each other, so there is no need for laws or anything binding. VRtown is truly the world of true freedom.