Vision & Mission


The construction of VRtown towards "Reincarnation of the Real World" by bringing the cities and countries in reality into the VRtown with a new form, a new breath.
When you first join the VRtown, you will immediately experience the Cities in the real world "Recreated" with metaworld style, giving users a feeling of familiarity, intimacy, and at the same time no less. novel part, stimulating the user's imagination, curiosity, and desire to explore.
For example, VRtown builds cities like Hanoi, Shanghai, Osaka, and Kanagawa with clubs, bars, shops, schools, and private homes.
You can create Lands (LANDs) on an existing world, or you can create subplots (PLOTs) within your Land (LAND).
Using the VRtown platform, users can create, experience, and monetize the content, imagination, and construction of their own in helping to build, expand, and diversify the world of VRtown.


Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Help people break down all barriers of natural law (physics/chemistry/biology). Humans can create experiences that surpass imagination in the VRtown, which cannot be found in the real world.