What distinguish VRtown from other Metaverse

  • Remove barriers to experience, kipping all the cumbersome steps
  • From log-in, to the number of buttons to experience
  • Mobile browser first
  • Good experience on mobile browser
  • Not complicated for new players
  • Buttons, right-click buttons are easy to understand for those who have never played the game
  • Detailed, intuitive instructions
  • Supports many world templates available for beginners who just want to experience
  • Free Fly Ability
  • Lots of free plot templates
  • Free custom Domain Name mapping
  • Bring a lot of free traffic
  • Free plot world for each player 32x32
  • Ability to increase plot size as you wish
  • Bigger plot sizes purchase (max 2048x2048): instead of Decentraland 16x16, instead of CryptoVoxels
  • No dividing server experience into realms (unlike Decentraland)
  • WebGPU compatible by default
  • Save the last-login location: - Unlike Decentraland, always at spawn when joining - Unlike Somnium Space, no last location saved, no login state saved
  • Easy subplot management
  • Better chat & voice chat system - Global chat/talk with everyone - Friend group chat/talk - Channel chat/talk - Inside plot chat/talk
  • Web Map
  • Pets inside plots
  • Minigames inside plot
  • Any types of minigames
  • Earn tokens if you win