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What is VRtown?

VRtown is a completely decentralized virtual world platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. It provides a single, open platform for users, content creators, and developers to monetize arbitrarily shaped worlds that can be shared with the world.
VRtown is driven entirely by the user community (Community Driven)
VRtown creates an internet-based metaverse world, infinite in size, able to accommodate an extremely large number of people at the same time playing and highly interactive. It includes a 3D open world that can interact with others just like the real world.
The finite 3D Digital Lands that exist in the VRtown are called LANDs. This is an irreplaceable, counterfeit, and unique digital asset built using Smart-contract technology on the Ethereum platform.
This is where land owners can create limitless metaverse games or experiences for the general community, or create exclusive communities in their own worlds.
Land is divided into parcels of land defined by the coordinate axes (x, y).
These Plots are permanently owned by members of the VRtown community and are purchased with Ethereum (ETH).
This gives users full control over environments, buildability, applicability, decentralization, and interoperability. That gives owners full control over anything from static 3D scenes (buildings, landscapes, roads, trees,...) to apps or games.
Some Plots are further organized into themed communities or Cities.
By organizing land lots into Cities, communities can create shared spaces with shared interests and assets.
You can find a list of Hot Spots recommended at the start of joining the VRtown.